What seed bombs are best for your garden

What Seed Bombs are Best for Your Garden

What Seed Bombs are Best for Your Garden

Decorating a garden with bright, colourful, sometimes exotic, flowers is standard for many homeowners or avid gardeners across the globe. But unless you want to spend hours of your time carefully selecting the right breed of flower out of millions to chose from, some tend to go with the slightly easier, but just as effective option; seed bombs. But there are some choices that have to be made when it comes to choosing what seed bombs are best for your soon-to-be radiant display of nature…

Amount of seed bombs

This very much depends on how and where you are going to plant your seed bombs. Seed bombs usually come in packets of 50, 100, 500, etc. So you need to make sure you know exactly where your going to plant them before you buy, so that you don’t waste your money. This would mean either measuring out the area of your flowerbed and calculating a rough estimate as to how many seed bombs you need. If you’re going to be planting them in a flowerpot rather than a flowerbed, then you need to do the same, but bear in mind that the seed bombs will be much closer together.


Another factor you need to consider is location. Almost all seed bombs require the same basic conditions in order to grow to their full potential: at least 6 hours of sunlight per day, enough natural rainfall to sustain them when fully grown. To meet these simple requirements, you need to ensure that your flowerbed/pot is not in in area that is undercover, as this won’t allow it to absorb sunlight for photosynthesis and won’t be able to catch water either, unless it is watered by you. If you do not have any convenient spots in your garden for this, then maybe seed bombs aren’t for you.

Benefitting your local ecosystem

One of the many great things about the wildflowers in seed bombs (apart from their beautiful aesthetic) is how they benefit the wildlife in the area. Seed bombs are great ways to rejuvenate an area where wildlife such as butterflies and bees have become lesser spotted in recent history. If you want to help your own backyard ecosystem, then seed bombs are the way to go. They are quick and effective at restoring insect populations which add to the biodiversity within your town/city/country or the world as a whole.

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